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Exciting News: The Uppity Women of the Bible DVDs will soon be released by Living the Questions! Look for the ad in the Christian Century in November or December 2009.

If you wish to purchase Uppity Women DVDs, go to the Living the Questions Website, where the Ruth, Esther, Song of Songs and Judith DVDs will all be available in early 2010.

Thank you for your interest and you will still be able to contact me if you have questions or feedback on my bible studies.

Biblenerd Productions, Inc. offers the best of biblical scholarship to congregations and study groups in understandable terms.

Through teaching DVDs, Biblenerd Productions presents solid biblical history, culture and even storytelling to help people of faith better comprehend their sacred texts. This is serious Bible study, including fascinating lessons on Hebrew and Greek words that will make sense to anyone. At the same time, it is never boring! These sessions illustrate that the Bible is sometimes hilarious; sometimes shocking; sometimes tear-jerking. Biblenerd Productions teaches that it is an act of faith to ask questions about the Bible; to struggle through and search out the answers. These studies show people of faith that the Bible can be a companion, dialogue partner, and indeed a cradle for their own life stories.

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